Common Sense as Bad Practice

It came to me in conversation recently as to how toxic “Common Sense” is.

Common Sense says “well, everyone uses X, so we should use X” or “Everyone should know this.”

But those are fallacies and assumptions that aren’t tested or rooted in evidence.

Usually Common Sense comes from asking your mates or colleagues, or assuming they think the same as you. However, by doing that you inherit bias in those assumptions. You make decisions that don’t hold true, and at best you are likely going to make poor decisions, and at worst create an exclusionary environment – locking out people who you will want to include.

If you believe it is Common Sense, prove it is Common Sense. Test it out. Trial it, and properly. Don’t be part of the problem.

Also, challenge “Common Sense” when it is used.

Why is it common sense?

Who else thinks they know that as the answer?

You should end up with a better solution that is more open and equitable than your assumptions.