CharDiff is an easy-to-use tool to compare 2 strings and highlight the characters in them that are different.

This came about for a couple reasons.

For one I had some very long strings I was working with at the time and I was having a lot of difficulty finding where they differed. I really struggled to find any tools that would allow me to find the difference between strings at a character level.

The other reason was I was looking for a very quick project in Python3 that I could use to do things properly. By which I mean, have tested code, have it running in a CI/CD pipeline (I wanted to play with the GitHub Actions beta I’d got myself on to) and have it publish to PyPI.

I even already have some nice feedback from some users.

I have seen subsequent posts around the web of tools like this, and there are definitely better ones out there.

But it wasn’t to be the best but to expand my knowledge. I now have a template for future projects.